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Friday, April 13, 2012

!977 DT400 Land speed racer!?!

Hi, came across your website about your land speeder... thought you might like to see this one. Its a '77dt400 that i put together to look like a tz350.
I have a complete healthy it400 motor that im going to use the top end for and then build up an expansion pipe. Being a dt its actually street legal here in CA. I have stripped it back down and turned her back into an enduro to get the papers worked out. Have to go to dmv this week and then to chp. I've got all the stock parts back on and hooked up some electrics (turn sigs, horn, lights). I should know this week if i pass inspection. And then its time to have some fun!! Would be interested in hearing some specs on your bike. Stock gearing (internally)? Sprocket sizes, carb size and jetting, performance? I weighed mine in at about 230lbs and i figure if i run close to 40 horses she should get up an go pretty good.
My names Darrel and look forward to hearing back.
Take it easy

Wow! I like it!

1 comment:

stresa said...

Hi Darrel,
interesting project. I am in the process of thinking to do the same for a while now. Please can you tell me which fork you use and which wheels, tank, fairing you use? I am pleased if you get back to me. I live at the other side of the pond in Germany. IT or YZ parts are hard to get here. I like to use a DT250 as a basic bike as I will build this bike for my daughter who has no experience on a bike and I think the 250 is enough for her.
Cheers Uwe