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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A pair a cool little small cc buzzbombs!

Thanks to Mark Booth

 #1 1978 Garelli SSXL:
OK So before you think OH NO Hell NO Not another Moped Guy just read on.  I got this for free from my neighbor and I wanted to see just what I could do on my own.  My Suzuki Street Mod took a lot of time and cash and the help of some very talented people.  I wanted a bike to do as much as I could on my own.  So back to the bike.  I took this from a pile of parts to a bike that hit 58 mph with my son on it.  This bike was so much fun and I learned how to do so much to get it to 58 mph.  I never did the paint as I left that for the new owner.  The best part of this bike is to get going @ 50 and as you pass other cars you start to peddle!  I attached a before and an after of this one.

#2 1969 Suzuki AS50:
OMG He is a moped guy!  I bet this is what you are thinking right now.  As long as you keep reading I promiss that it will get better.  I am not a Moped guy, I just loved this bike!  I mean really!  It took me to 55 mph and it was so much fun blasting around town on this bike!  I pretended I was at the GP as I blasted past traffic.  You really needed to rev the piss out of this to get it to move but once you did it was amazing!  I hated to sell it but I had to.  I attached 1 picture of this.

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