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Monday, November 23, 2009

Paton 500cc 2-stroke updated "replica"(ish) racebike

I ... I... I don't have the words...

Caption from Motorcycle Daily:
Ever felt the need to swing a leg over a raw and brutal 500cc, 180 HP two stroke GP racer? Paton used to run a private effort in the 90’s against the might of the Big four, in 500 GP. But unlike NSR500’s and YZR500’s, new replicas of the amazing Paton are still made in Italy by the son of Giuseppe Pattoni, the Paton’s founder. Not for the meek.


Ax-Racing said...

the bike you posted was showed at EICMA.09 in Milan into a Paton stand

rolling chassis and body come from suter/kawasaki motogp bikes
and engine is Paton 2000 model year

Paton announced to build replica's of his late'90, 500 cc 2 Stroke bike several times, but nothing was done

i think that this another scoop tentative but i'm not confident that this bike become true


Revanche2strokesdotcom said...

Sir, I have been in contact with the Suter factory about helping to promote some races in the states, etc. I wanted to correct an error, the Suter SRT500 makes close to 215 horsepower and the pure racer makes close to 230.

Revanche2strokesdotcom said...

Sir, we at Revanche2strokes have been in contact with the Suter co in regards to some promo work. I just wanted to correct an error, the Suter SRT500 makes closer to 215 horsepower.