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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UPDATE: Some excellent shots of a well known RD hybrid from the Mike "Stu" Stuhler!

Found the original Motorcyclist Retro magazine article about this great bike. A BIG THANK YOU TO ERIC IN THE COMMENTS for refreshing my holiday addled memory!! Here's a few scans of just the text of the article.

By the way, this magazine was the first attempt of the very talented Mitch Boehm and even though it has since been replaced with the even better "Moto Retro Illustrated" I don't want to step on any potential copywright. (Mitch if you see this and want me to pull it please just say the word and consider it done).

By the way if you're not subscribed to his new venture (the above mentioned "Moto Retro Illustrated") then stop reading this immediately and go over to his site and subscribe.... If you like this site you'll love his magazine...

So go take care of that and we'll wait for ya...


Excellent!! Here's the "Sawzall Special" Article.

This is a very well known bike in the 2-stroke world. Cycle World did a nice story on this ride. I'll look for the specific article later this weekend and post what I find. I don't want to get the details wrong but I do know that tt's essentiall an RD / RZ hybrid that someone built for his wife. I've been drooling over this one for a while now and I was actually looking for some good high res shots of it recently because I'm interested in the swingarm for a build I'm working on....

...and along comes a perfectly timed e-mail from our man Mike "Stu" Stuhler of the essential Stusshots blog!

Mike wrote about the bike:
"I was going through some shots hee and came acrossed this little treat.I took these up at Road America back in '06. This was in the turn 8 parking and camping area in case someone recognizes the bike. I remember seeing this scoot on one of your 'rotating' pic displays and thought I would shoot these over to you. I'm pretty sure what this guy started with was a '73 or '74 RD350 here and from there it's open book from what I could tell. Unfortunately I didn't get to talk with the guy that owned it so I don't have any info on it whatsoever, but it appealed to my old school side and the fact that I wanted a '73-'74 RD SOOOOOOOOOO bad when I was in high school, well, I always liked the platform needless to say. Ring ding or not, that was one heck of a bike and had a heck of a following and STILL does. This one was really nicely done and also being the old flat track head that I am it had double the appeal with the street tracker set up. Man, just look at the rear sets. Quality craftsmanship at it's finest! I just adore this type of stuff, and I know you do. So enjoy, I hope you can use. I do know that the bike was from Wisconsin--you can see the tag under the fender in the rear facing shot. Maybe someone will recognize it and know the builder or owner and we can get some background on this puppy. I'm more curious now then I was 3 1/2 years ago! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Take care my man!"

Always a pleasure Mike! Thanks VERY much for the shots and Have a great Holiday!


eric said...

Hi my name is Eric Christopherson and I remember a story about the blue yamaha in the past motorcycle retro issue with rd350 on front the second or third issue I think Mitch did the interview but not sure and I am not sure of back issues availablitly or not I remember a pretty detailed write up about it and I hope it helps if you want to call me feel free to with more questions. 321-987-2766

FloridaSteve said...

Thanks Eric!! That was it. I have those issues. I'll take a look later tonight.!