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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reader Ride. Some More Great Shots From the UK

Tony McGuire writes in:

Hi, Tony McGuire here again in East Yorkshire UK,
Here's a couple of riding shots of me and my friend Chris, I'm on the 75' silver RD350 and Chris is on the 79' RD400, also a pic of myself with my home built 1971 YDS7 cafe racer ..
Keep up the fantastic blogs, I check them daily!

Back at you Tony. Great Stuff! Love it!

That's a Stunner!


grant said...

tater =0

damien said...

Hey Tony!! Seen some of your pictures of this beautiful Yami Cafe Smoker on other links!! Love the "AJS" looking art! Those Expansion Chamber's from your side of the pond look sick!
Did you make the seat your self or where can i learn to make or buy one for my RD350 here in Santa Cruz, California?????

tony mcguire said...

Damon, i bought the seat base locally but made the seat foam and cover myself,

damien said...

You did a great job! Love the rib's in the seat! Did you show a "build" on any forums?
If you have the time ...the name of the company who sells the seat base? I would love to finish my RD this winter.
Again!! One of the nicest Yamaha 2-Stroke Cafe's Ive ever seen!! Post more pics if you can. Love the "wheelie shot" as well ...truly what these bikes are known for!

tony mcguire said...

thanks mate, i got the seat base at a local autojumble (swapmeet i think you guys call them) altho ive seen them on ebay..
you can see the full build on

i cant upload more pics but can email you some if you let me have your email address.