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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reader Ride. Land Speed Record Holding RD400

Mark Atkinson who also sent in this bike included a few pics of a fairly well know bike in the Yamaha 2-stroke circles.

The landspeed bike is mine. Ed Erlenbach built it originally, and has three records with it. The picture I sent you is the bikes first time at the salt flats. I never was able to make a pass under full power as it got hot. I am working on a system to keep it cool right now so next year I hope to break some records. The last time Ed had it on the dyno it made a little more than 100 HP, and it feels like it. It is magical when it comes on the pipe about 10,000 rpm. Unreal! I will send you another pic of some more of my smokers.

Thanks Mark that's outstanding.  I always wondered what happenned to Ed's bike after he got out of the 2-stroke game.
Ha!  Funny to see this pic from Murph!  He's been camped out in Bonneville and posting up a storm over on his blog for a while now.  Great Guy.  Check him out!

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