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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reader Ride. An Unusual RD350LC From Sweden.

Jan Xeres Writes in:

OK, you asked for it! Enclosed are som pics of my RD.

First is the RD as it looks when it is in standard clothes. Then with a tank and seat unit that I bought from England but had to redo! It was meant to cover the standard tank but I discovered that it would just grind the paint down so I decided to build a bottom half of the tank. It is now made out of glass fibers and carbon fibers. I covered the whole unit with a 200g/sqm carbon fiber weave. The expansion chambers are from Nikkon. I made some carbon fiber silencers as well but I think the original aluminum ones look better...

Have a good one!


Oh, yeah I'm from Eslov in Sweden...

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