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Friday, January 27, 2012

Another GPL Racing special.

OK the picture clears up a bit! I copied this straight from the ADV rider post.  I didn't realize that it was a GPL Racing bike who in the 2 stroke world needs little introduction.

I built it just before moving to Canada, it was just a track bike for me but could have been raced. My racing days so the wife thinks are over lol, but would like to get back into a classic class at some point. 

The running gear was swapped over from a 3xv conversion I did some years ago, I never got that bike to stop quick enough because the weight of the engine was to far forward. But the engine could be mounted some 6" further back in the 4DL chassis. The other reason was to fit the new +4mm stroke engine I was building at the time. There had always been over the years a load of BS on the tinternet when building a +4mm stroke YPVS. 

So I did a build on line with all the port specs and how to to get a reliable set up which gives not to bad power. The goal was to build it as easy as possible and keep peak power below 10k. This is a package I offer and is doing very well in some of the Canadian race series. I designed two pipes for this set up, one is a race pipe which peaks at 10500 and with a proper retarding ignition can rev to 11k, peak power was 73WRhp before ignition changes but then went on to around 77WRhp, the other pipe is a road pipe and peaks @ 9750 with just over 40ft.

I build a lot of road/race bikes, which in truth many people can do. But the advantage I have is I design and build pipes, so can build a set of pipes to fit any bike. I'll stick a pic of the 3xv up 


GPL Racing Nova Scotia Canada

Oh and here is that 3xv.   Jebus..

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