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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wicked little DT1 250 Flat Tracker Care of Don Miller and Metro Racing!

Don Miller from Metro Racing sends in this beauty that he'll be campaigning at Daytona in a little more than a week.  You can see an earlier pic of the bike HERE from a previous post.

He Writes:

Hey Steve;
Haven't had any 2 stroke stuff to send lately. Here's something that may interest your readers.

My Sonic Weld, hard tail, Brakeless, DT1 250 Yamaha all ready for the new AMA Vintage Flat Track season opener at the Daytona Motor Speedways new short track on Feb 28th. If you are down there for bike week. Make sure you stop by! Seeing all these old flat trackers out on the track will be worth the trip. Racing starts at 11:00am on Sunday. Followed by an awesome amateur flat track program.

See you at the races,Don

Thanks again for the picture and for the heads up on those vintage Flat Track dates!  I'll try and make it down for sure!


stuman714 in Indy said...

Isn't this sweeeeeeeeeeet?! I saw they had it posted over at Sideblog and man, I started drooling. They were running the 350's when I first got into the flat track thing in '74, and I think they went back to the 250's for '76. With the TT500 single 4 stroker coming out in early '76 it was an early foreshadowing of what was to come of the 2 strokers.
God this thing is sweet---I can hear it and smell the castor oil now....................

stuman714 in Indy said...

Duh...make that 'they were running the 360's when.....'
I better turn the light on.